“Drug repositioning and disease understanding through complex networks creation and analysis”,, RTI2018-094576-A-I00 del Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities.  

  • Human disease complex networks to gain a better disease understanding and drug repurposing. Extraction and integration of biomedical data structured in 3 levels: the phenotypical, the biological and pharmacological.
  • Intensive analysis of the information and generation of drug repurposing hypotheses. Employment of machine learning techniques both supervised and unsupervised.
  • Management tasks. Scientific writing and communication, as well as dissemination to the general public.


Secure and private health data exchange”,, European Commission, Horizon 2020, G.A. n 826404 

  • Creation of a basic NLP module for texts related to computer network topologies.
  • Development of an ontology for the semantic representation of data regarding asset discovery in distributed networks for healthcare environments.


“Personalized medicine for lung cancer treatment”,, ERA PerMed of Joint Transnational Call 2019 No. 163.  

  • Design and implementation of a relational database for the storage of lung cancer patient information.
  • Drafting of deliverables and assistance in the project management tasks in its initial stages.


Study of sentiments expressed in social media during the period 2015-2018 in post related to vaccines, funded by MSD, Spain, VEAP ID: 7789.

  • Analysis, visualization and understanding of data collected from Twitter posts and their polarity.
  • Scientific writing and dissemination in the form of journal papers.


“Data-driven drug repositioning applying graph neural networks”, PID2021-122659OB-I00 from the Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities.

  • Writing of the project proposal. Project planification and management.


“Drug repurposing hypotheses through a data-driven approach”, PDC2022-133173-I00 from the Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities

  • Writing of the project proposal. Project planification and management.


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